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The unique interconnection of the history of the four Central European countries is a significant contribution to European historical discourse. During the Cold War, the concept of Central Europe almost lost its meaning, only the West and the East existed. After the fall of the totalitarian regimes, it started to gain importance and now Central Europe is again perceived as one of the relevant territorial constituents which is united by more than just a geographical location.

The comparative overview V4 YEAR BY YEAR helps us to realize our mutual roots and to fill in the gaps in the description of the historic development of the countries at the heart of Europe.

Websites www.yearbyyear.eu with texts in Czech, Hungarian, Polish and English offer detailed overview of totalitarian times facts in all mentioned countries between 1944 and 1990. Faced with all the most significant moments on a single time line, visitors are able to form a picture of the features shared by the totalitarian systems that controlled society in the different states, and how the citizens of these countries coped with them.

Last two decades will be described in collection of essays written by significant personalities of public life in each country - Erik Tabery, Michal Hvorecky, Mariusz Szczygel and Marton Gerloczy. Part of the texts are accompanied by period photographs and other materials and are presented in exhibitions in Prague (June and July 2011), Bratislava (September and October 2011), Krakow (October - December 2011) and Budapest (November and December 2011).

Project news

The Year by Year exhibition in Polish Nowy Sacz

The Year by Year exhibition in Poland takes new place.

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Last destination of the V4 Year by Year exhibition: Budapest

Memento Park - one of the uniquest places in Budapest - is hosting the exhibition about the history of the heart of Europe.

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V4 Year by Year is heading to Krakow

The exhibition V4 YEAR BY YEAR starts in the Krakow biggest library.

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V4 year by year in Bratislava

V4 Year by Year exhibition invites people in Bratislava to the homonymic online project from today morning.

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