The Last Flight of Petr Ginz



The combined project inspired by an eponymous unique movie on remarkably talented Jewish boy who died in a gas chamber in Osvětim/Auschwitz. His story represents a celebration of the tragedy of his life; at the same time it is a history of a young boy´s curiosity and creative spirit standing for the best human values.

Petr Ginz drew and painted over one hundred and seventy pictures, wrote two diaries and tens of stories and spent two years weekly editing and publishing a magazine Vedem in the ghetto of Terezín. In 2003 the first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon took his drawings of the Moon landscape with him on a space voyage in the spaceship Columbia that exploded while landing back onto Earth. That was exactly on the day of Petr´s birthday.  

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The project will consist of the movie screening, exhibition of Petr Ginz´s works and other accompanying program.

The opening is planned for the March 21st 2012.



The movie was introduced to the Czech public during special screening on Nov. 23rd 2011.

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