Week of Freedom 2012

The Week of Freedom II. is coming

The Week of Freedom II. is coming
Week of Freedom no. 2 is behind the corner. Come and start it with us on Monday at 11.00 a.m. in Wenceslas Square!


First event of the Week of Freedom is happening called PUSSY RIOT WALL. Inspired by John Lennon´s wall which at the time of communist totalitarianism served as a kind of wailing wall, we will built Pussy Riot Wall in the Wenceslas Square for two days. The wall will be named after the imprisoned members of the Russian band Pussy Riot. People will be able to write messages for them on the wall and also to express their opinions on nowadays freedom of expression.


Karel Schwarzenberg will be the first who will write the message for them on Monday at 11 o´clock. The Wall will stay there until Tuesday 8:00 p.m.


Read more about Pussy Riot here.



The programme will continue with Nights of café debates. The main topic will the freedom of speech, one of the basic rights we all should have. See more about them and the program here.










Second year of the Week of Freedom is here. This year main topis is the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Come and talk without censorship!

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