Week of Freedom 2012




Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th, June 2012


Václavské náměstí (at the bottom)



Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th, June 2012


10 cafés in the Prague centre



Friday 22nd and Satuday 23rd, June 2012


music festival accompanying program










Inspired by John Lennon´s wall which at the time of communist totalitarianism served as a kind of wailing wall, we will built Pussy Riot Wall in the Wenceslas Square for two days. The wall will be named after the imprisoned members of the Russian band Pussy Riot. People will be able to write messages for them on the wall and also to express their opinions on nowadays freedom of expression.


Karel Schwarzenberg will be the first who will write the message for them on Monday at 11 o´clock.


Read more about Pussy Riot here.







Unique series of debates on the topic of freedom of speech.


Are our media free? Do we have access to uncensored information? Can we talk about our opinions without being penalized? Do we live in freedom society or in some different sort of dictate? Come and share your opinion with us!





Monday June 18th from 8:00 p.m.


Help for unfree society

Guests: Marek Svoboda, director of human rights section of People in Need organization, Petr Mach (The Free Citizens Party)

Place: Langhans – Centre of People in Need





Tuesday June 19th from 8:00 p.m.


Journalist as a moral society arbiter?

Guests: Jakub Knězů (advisor, former journalist), Dalibor Balšínek (editor in chief of Lidove noviny), Jan Urban (former journalist)

Place: Bio Oko



Civic socienty initiatives and manipulation

Guests: Ladislav Agnes Snopko (publicists, former minister of culture of Slovak Republic), Lucie Gallová (co-organizer of protest against corrupt politicians in Slovak Republic)

Place: café V lese



Internet and speech of freedom

Guests: Miloš Šnytr (Czech office for personal data protection), Ivan Bartoš (Czech Pirate Party)

Place: student cultural centre Klubovna



Big brother is watching you!

Guests: Filip Pospíšil (Prague Watch), Ondřej Felix (architect of Czech e-governmentu)

Place: Cross club café



Freedom cases

Guests: Petr Kamberský (journalist) a Karel Randák (Foundation against Corruption)

Place: Mlýnská café



Freedom of speech and art

Guests: Radan Haluzík (FAMU, Centre for theoretical studies UK), Roman Týc and Michal Dvořák (Ztohoven)

Place: Nová syntéza (NG Veletržní palác)



Do we live in freedom society?

Guests: Jana Lorencová (journalist), Robert Sedláček (director)

Place: Potrvá





Wednesday June 20th from 8:00 p.m.


Freedom of speech and economics

Guests: Zdeněk Tůma (former governor of the Czech National Bank), Lopatka (editor-in-chief of Czech office of Reuter), Radek Špicar (vice-prezident of Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic)

Place: Mlýnská



When the speech of freedom attacks the principles of democratic society

Guests: Erik Best (publicist), Ondřej Liška (Green Party), Michal Bartoň (constitutional law expert)

Place: Krásný ztráty



Freedom of Vulgarity

Guests: Xavier Baumaxa (songwriter and poet), Ladislav Špaček (etiquette expert, pedagogue)

Place: Cross club café



Freedom of speech and extremism

Guests: František Kostlán (journalist), Roman Joch (director of Civic Institute)

Place: Unijazz



Bread and Games vs. human rights

Guests: Jaromír Štětina (senator), Vladislav Jandjuk (Belarus activist), Petr Kutílek (former executive secretary of Olympic Watch)

Place: Langhans – Centre of People in Need




 All debates will be filmed and published online.


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The Week of Freedom II. is coming

Week of Freedom no. 2 is behind the corner. Come and start it with us on Monday at 11.00 a.m. in Wenceslas Square!

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