Václav Havel Airport

Václav Havel Airport
Support the initiative to rename the Prague Airport in honour of Vaclav Havel.



From the statement of Fero Fenič, the initiator of the proposal:

"Vaclav Havel deserves to be honored in a way that would not only be a formal recognition of his achievements, but also a reflection of his struggle for our freedom. A symbol not only for those here today, but for future generations as well.


His life's journey, which took him from a prison in Ruzyne to Prague Castle, the demolition of boundaries and the opening of doors to the world, even giving visibility and recognition to our small country in the world, can not be better commemorated and symbolized, than by the renaming of the antiquated named Prague Airport Ruzyne to

Vaclav Havel Airport.


The airport is a crossroad, a place of mingling and meeting and a symbol of the free movement of people and ideas. For Czechs, it was and is the gateway to freedom and for foreigners it's the first place through which they enter our country.


Thus far, the name "Prague Airport" evokes memories of the widely known Ruzyne prison.

. . . "


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